Animal Services


DNA Solutions offers genetic testing for animal identification

DNA Solutions offers State-of-the-art DNA testing for animal identification. The ability to uniquely identify an animal by its DNA eliminated the problems associated with other common forms of identification; ear tags, microchip, tattoos, nose prints, and visual physical properties. The DNA of your animal will never change over the life of the animal and any portion of the animal can be used as a sample to test.

Strengthening herds by confirming lineages through DNA identification is accomplished with speed and the highest accuracy by DNA Solutions. We offer effective ways of animal identification, sire determination, forensic identification, and genetic record-keeping.

Animal Services Provided:

  • Unique Identification
  • Parentage Verification
  • Semen Sample Confirmation
  • Ownership Disputes
  • Prosecution and Defense of Wildlife Enforcement Actions
  • Insurance Claims
  • Registry Management
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