STR & Y-STR Technologies and InnoTyper® 21 System


DNA Solutions Utilizes the Most Advanced Technologies Available

DNA Strand under magnifying glass

Our scientists have validated and utilize the most advanced scientific tools to achieve results. Our expertise spans multiple platforms and systems. Using these systems will often provide probative results when others fail.

Next Generation STR and Y-STR Technologies

DNA Solutions utilizes the largest autosomal and Y-STR technologies available to forensic laboratories which comply with the FBI 2017 guidelines. These 24 locus systems are more sensitive and provide additional information compared to the 16 locus systems previously utilized. Testing can also be expanded to include additional non-CODIS markers if requested.

InnoGenomics' InnoTyper™ 21 System

DNA Solutions is the first laboratory in the world that has validated the most advanced short amplicon DNA typing system available to forensic laboratories. This system is optimized for low-levels of degraded DNA samples and has been demonstrated to be effective in generating profiles from bone/teeth samples and hair shaft samples with no roots. To learn more about the InnoTyper™ technology, click here.

New Forensic DNA Technologies
New DNA Technologies Generate Results from Challenging Forensic Samples

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