Law Enforcement Forensic Casework


Trust DNA Solutions to Get Results from Your Most Challenging Forensic Samples

Human skull in DNA Solutions forensics dna analysis laboratory

Criminal Casework

Our scientists have over 16 years' experience partnering with government agencies to assist in the processing of their animal and human forensic casework. We routinely process forensic casework samples for multiple law enforcement jurisdictions, including police agencies, District Attorney offices, and state and federal agencies, including the USDA and the FAA.

Bone, Hair, Teeth, and Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Testing

DNA Solutions' analysts are experienced in obtaining DNA from challenging samples, including bone, teeth and paraffin-embedded tissue. Our validated methods successfully remove inhibitors and isolate DNA that can be subsequently used for genetic and forensic tests.

Rootless Hair Shaft Testing

Often hair samples recovered from crime scenes do not possess intact roots making successful analysis of the sample unlikely. DNA Solutions has validated InnoGenomics' InnoTyper™ 21 kit for use with rootless hair samples.

Touch DNA

New methods have enabled our scientific team to achieve results on low level casework samples, including those containing touch DNA.

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