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DNA Solutions forensics dna analysis laboratory

Often times a prosecuting attorney or defense attorney is presented with a case that involves complicated DNA analysis. DNA Solutions is available to provide the expertise needed to help understand the analysis and effectively present the facts in court.

Reports generated by crime laboratories commonly use terms that may be difficult to understand. For example, a report may read: The DNA we isolated from the crime scene was analyzed by PCR using the Globalfiler kit that looks at 21 autosomal genetic loci. The DNA from the suspect was also analyzed using the same STR kit. The two electropherogram profiles were compared and found to be concordant at all genetic loci tested. The genetic profile from the evidence is 1.4 Sextillion times more likely to have come from the suspect than from a random, unrelated individual from the Caucasian population.

The lab directors at DNA Solutions are qualified experts capable of translating this language into terms easily understood by all parties involved. In doing so, everyone can understand the results and conclusions provided, and the significance of the testing in reference to the case at hand.

DNA Solutions forensics dna analysis laboratory

With years of experience in the forensic genetic testing industry, our professionals are qualified as DNA experts in local, state, and federal courts across the United States. It would be our pleasure to review your case and provide the detailed scientific explanation you need. Either through analysis performed internally at DNA Solutions’ laboratory, or through the review of another crime lab’s documentation and data files; a clear picture of the information will be presented, and the strengths and weaknesses of the case will be put into an easy-to-understand report.

DNA Solutions forensics dna analysis laboratory

DNA Solutions will assist you in developing a theory using the data produced during the investigation and help construct the best open-ended questions to be used to question an opposing witness or advance the theory using language that everyone can understand. As an independent laboratory, DNA Solutions presents an unbiased evaluation of all the results not weighted toward the prosecution or defense. The presentation of an effective theory will tell the jury a story and explain to them why your expert’s opinion is credible and should be believed regardless of what the opposing side presents. DNA Solutions will help as you wade into technical areas in which our expert’s knowledge is superior. Our goal will be to prevent your team from becoming overwhelmed, as you prepare your case, prior to stepping into the courtroom.

Don’t hesitate. Call (866) 362-9778 and speak to an expert today.

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