Human Remains Testing and Mass Disaster Workflow


Utilize Our Specialized Workflow for Mass Disaster, Missing Persons and Ancient DNA Samples

Devastating tornado in background with devastation in foreground

Human Remains Testing

DNA Solutions routinely processes human remains samples. Many of these samples were recovered from adverse conditions, can be as old as seventy years, and yield some of the most inhibited, highly degraded and challenging samples. To ensure the best chance of obtaining results from these complex samples, DNA Solutions has developed and validated a specialty workflow that utilizes the most advanced technology available to forensic laboratories to generate results from the toughest samples. We're currently working in partnership with History Flight, a non-governmental organization that collaborates with the US Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency and have processed multiple samples from missing US Marines recovered from the Island of Tarawa, contributing to a number of positive identifications.

Sample Identification and Matching for Mass Disaster Occurrences

DNA Solutions has experience in processing mass disaster/fatality samples including aircrashes. In such cases samples are initially matched to each other, identified, then compared to family reference samples so they could be returned to the family for burial.

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