Medical Forensics with Accurate Results


Be Confident That Your Laboratory Has Provided Accurate Medical Results to the Right Patient

Lab technician using microscope in DNA Solutions forensics dna analysis laboratory

Biopsy Tissue Matching

Incorrect sample designations and laboratory labelling errors occur from time to time in even the best run laboratories. These can result in incorrect treatments, misdiagnoses and costly litigation issues. If you suspect an error has occurred, our scientists can match biopsy, blood and other samples back to a patient, or to a reference sample.

DNAS can process and match liquid blood, blood spots, tissue, biopsy sample, FFPE samples and more. If you have a batch issue, we can process the entire batch and match to reference samples.

Blood and Tissue Matching

Reduce sample switching errors by having your samples quickly compared using genetic methods to determine if a blood or tissue sample match each other and/or the patient.

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