Forensic Genealogy


DNA Solutions is a full service forensic lab offering:

  • - Evidence screening
  • - DNA extractions
  • - Quantifications
  • - Mitochondrial Sequencing
  • - STR, Y-STR, and SNP chip analysis

How does it work?

SNP chip analysis data uploads into GED match for familial services and family tree construction to identify Jane and John Doe remains or identify the source of DNA from a crime scene. Our laboratory works with federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, local law enforcement, forensic genealogists, and private investigators.

Sending a sample for Forensic Genealogy is easy!

  1. Request a Quote
  2. Submit DNA extract or evidence using our sample submission form and chain of custody
  3. Receive results within 30-60 days
  4. DNA Solutions uses validated forensic lab equipment for sample processing and runs DNA using an Illumina iScan to extract SNP data.
  5. Results are provided as a data table and include 850,000 SNPs. This information can be uploaded into GEDmatch and analyzed by forensic genealogists to determine familial matches.
  6. (GEDmatch is a public database that any registered user can access.)

Solve your cold cases today!
Contact or 866-362-9778 .

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