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DNA Solutions provides customized, personalized relationship testing services focusing on your needs as a business owner. We provide excellent customer service, competitive turnaround, and quality results.

Collection is very simple, involving non-invasive buccal swabs. However, we can use other types of samples such as blood. The samples are collected and sent with the proper documentation to DNA Solutions. The samples are analyzed, and the results are sent directly to you.

There are many competitors that can provide DNA testing. Working with DNA Solutions is our most preferred laboratory. They are always professional and helpful on the phone with our questions. We sometimes have unusual or complicated cases and they patiently walk us through the process. DNA Solutions has great turnaround time with easy to read results.

- Nancy Erickson, PHR
Arcpoint Labs of Sarasota

As the owner of ARCpoint Labs of Woburn, I’ve worked with DNA Solutions for over two years to perform relationship DNA testing for my customers. DNA Solutions has always provided excellent customer care and quick response times for results. We used to use two different labs, but recently consolidated all of our testing needs to DNA Solutions. I would highly recommend them as a DNA testing partner.

- Matt Pappas
Owner, ARCpoint Labs of Woburn

ARCpoint Labs of Seattle has been using DNA Solutions for the past 3+ years for our Immigration and Passport DNA clients. As a collection facility we don’t have DNA scientists on staff, but our clients would never know that because of our relationship with DNAS. DNAS has always been just a phone call away for any assistance we have needed in knowing who to test and how to structure a test in order to provide the answer the client is seeking. This high-quality personalized scientific guidance coupled with great DNAS customer service gives my staff the confidence to be "the DNA experts" to our clients. High-quality scientists and great customer service have also led us to recently move all of our paternity and relationship testing clients to DNAS, as well.

Our business thrives by offering a high-quality product, outstanding customer service, and very competitive pricing and we love partnering with companies like DNAS who embody those same values.

- Taylor Collyer
ARCpoint Labs of Seattle
ARCpoint Labs of Renton

Services include:

  • Paternity and Maternity
  • Grandparentage
  • Sibling Relationships
  • Infidelity
  • Immigration
  • Forensics
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • DUI Defense
  • Bacterial/Fungal Identification

DNA Partner Request Form

To become a DNA Solutions partner site, please fill out the request form below and documentation will be sent to you for your review. After you return the signed documentation, DNAS will send out the supplies you need to get started. (Please allow 5 business days from your request to receive the documentation)

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