Research and Development of Emerging DNA Technology

DNA Solutions genetic scientist testing DNA sample in research lab

DNA Solutions' commitment to research and development is emphasized by our vision:

"To bring emerging DNA technology to the commercial marketplace to improve the quality of life."

All divisions of DNA Solutions are involved in research and its application to develop novel technologies. Research projects are made possible through internal funding, grants, and contract research.

Research and Development Services:

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)
Allele Determination
Animal Genotyping for Unique Identification
Marker Development
Custom DNA Assay
Method Transfer
Kit Validation
Complex DNA Mixtures

Recent Research and Development Projects include:

  • DNA Solutions' Animal division has developed novel markers for animal identification and their application in forensic cases of theft, illegal hunting, and fraud. We also have developed a genetic test that predicts the sensitivity of the non-lethal Chronic Wasting Disease rectal biopsy test in white-tailed deer.

  • DNA Solutions' Human division developed novel systems for identifying individuals with Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HHC) and a SNP based Sickle Cell Trait blood test.

  • DNA Solutions validated a New Mycoplasma DNA detection assay. Using a PCR assay, DNA Solutions is able to detect femtogram quantities of the mycoplasma organism’s DNA in cell cultures and cell culture products.

  • DNA Solutions validates Promega’s PowerPlex Fusion 6C. All validated human relationship kits include Fusion,Y23, Y-Filer, Y-Filer Plus, Investigator 24plex, Identifiler and Globalfiler.

  • DNA Solutions deconvolutes complex DNA mixtures using the probabilistic genotyping program BulletProof. Complex DNA mixtures are accurately analyzed using the BulletProof genotyping software that is based on the widely used EuroForMix statistical algorithms. Up to 4 person mixture deconvolution analysis has been validated and was presented at the International Human Identification Symposium in 2018.

  • DNA Solutions continues contract work to help reduce the sexual assault backlogs of state agencies across the US. DNA Solutions’ highly skilled analysts are making quick work of the thousands of sexual assault kits that have been left untested across the US. Utilizing a rapid male screening and differential extraction process, DNA profiles of possible perpetrators have been delivered to State and local agencies to aid their investigations of sexual assault cases.

  • DNA Solutions offers custom DNA-assays and method transfer. If you need a new DNA assay developed, or are looking to outsource an existing workflow, DNAS has proven success in transferring existing methods and developing new ones for clients with DNA based assays.

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